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Saturday, August 12th, 2006

August 12th, 2006 @ 12:06am
i love gettinf drunk at my house by my self....so fun.....work was just amazing i buit so many fucking bikes and every one was sooo happy cept the ppl who had to check my bikes then put them on the racks.....i think my count was 33 bikes in about 6 hours.....and when i was workign on some random bikes heather and jason were talking about what heather got from this random biker she slept with and if it was safe to drink while taking the pills.....that was so fucking nasty i almost puked.....

so tomorrow its off to the garage to tun up my firebird......im thinking of cutting the baffles of my muffelers just for fun...but it should be fun regardless........

im gonna go to bed now cus theres nutin better to do.....
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Monday, July 11th, 2005

July 11th, 2005 @ 12:38am
i copyed all the numbers off my cell to my computer.....it was most depressing....dunno y but it was....i had 134 numbers on my phone and i figured it out that i only called 79 of them...i love how i have 55 numbers that i never call dunno who they r and dunno who put them there....i love it.....

i finaly got to blast my humps by black eyed peas today.....if u have some subwoofers hooked up to ur computer i mosdef recomend u download it and blast it....and its also a mad fucking funny song.....but did i mention it has a massively nice bass-line?.........

ran into jamie and robb at wallmarts was most fun....

bekka is on and im fucking DIEING to read the convo from when he tells her he fucked up her car...lmao

trying to keep a post "positive" is mad hard.....

my brother got the most rightchious bitching out today in the truck.....bc hes always being all technical about shit my mom was reading how they fucked up writing out the oil change sticker or smthing liek that and then u hear why do u always have to be so fuckign technical and i couldnt hear the rest of it bc i was laffing waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy to hard........

my grandpa's coolnes factor bumped upa notch bc he buys the magazine "truckin"...witch is all custom trucks that have either ben lowered or lifted signifcantly and sick ass paint job...then i red the user submissions awards page...lmmfao.....my fave was then has this twin turbo charged f150 drag racing truck in there and it got the most awsome tech sheet award...and the tech shee read....who:some guy were:dunno what:were guessing a 90's F150 wheels and tires:skinny in front fat in rear engine:huge we say: make sure u have all the info on your vehical b4 you submit, but how could you not run this?....u gotta love it bc the truck was sooooo awsome it didnt need a buncha xplaining of how good it was...just look at my massive engine and obey my every command....lmao......moving right a long......

my cell phone dieing is realllly pissing me off and depressing.....bc every one decides to call me and i cant anwser unless itsa emergency bc once this phone dies its done for....and sarah called when i realllllllllly wanted to talk to her and had a buncha stuff to tell her and ask her so i run back into the house bc i was in the garage tinkering and pick up the house phone and call her back only to find out she left.....and that her brother got brought home by the police and the lesson her learned was "the back of police cars are comfy" lmmfao....i mean the kid almost got shot bc he had his realistic looking pelet gun with him and idk some how the cops came long story short he was laffin at the cops cops pull loaded real guns he gets brought home by the cops and thats the lesson he learned......lmao.....and then the cops told sarahs mom "what kinda mother are you" she almost tackeled the cop but he ran to his cop car lmmfao.....

ps2 live sucks nuts....dunno y but i suck so fucking bad online.....always crashign into shit...missing my shifts...spinining out....but yet when i dont play online i dont crash spin out or miss my shifts.....wtf...its like all the suddne they clicked thr lets make dennis suck at the only game i play button.......

listening to all the rock is pumping me up and makign me wanna fight....so ima go do a snack run and go look for some skater fags to go take my aggression out on so latr bitchz......

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Sunday, July 10th, 2005

July 10th, 2005 @ 8:10pm
coming up on datline
death, destruction, devastation, Dennis, the killer giant and his path of destruction on dateline 20/20.......ROTF!!!!!......
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Friday, July 8th, 2005

July 8th, 2005 @ 12:37am
soooooooooo we ran into emily and maha and emilys mom was driving....they were in mcdonalds parking lot and i mad yell out "your daughters hot" and her mom was like wtf and emily and maha are laffin.....then they catch up to us...and then we played cat and mouse and omg it was amd funnnnnny....then we get behind them and emily gets out and were liek uh oh and she jumps up on her roof and they take off......and then we end up at maha's house and we chit chat with them......and me being so shy i mad froze up and didnt say nada....

then i im emily..jsut bits and peices of the convo....

SpLitChimaira: were sittin thre and u guys go by and anthony yelled somethin and then u yelled somthin and my mmo goes OH HELL NO and started 2 go after u guys and im like....alright this will be fun
Darkness14666: anthony yelled u guys r hot and i yelled ur daughters hot
SpLitChimaira: lmao
SpLitChimaira: and my mom was like their not even goin fast
Darkness14666: i no right we were only doing 93ish
Darkness14666: we wanted to race u guys
SpLitChimaira: my mom would be like bitch die
SpLitChimaira: she gets mad scary and beasty

yeaaaaah that was amd fun.....and we did 113 on the high was omg it was soooo fuckign fun till antman started goign um mu wanna slow down and cory got scared and me and alex r doing the neck thingy at a rock steady 110 and laffin at the cars wizzing past.....ahhh good times.....

then we took antman to the dirt road......lmmfao we did 70 thru it sliding thru the corners and hitting every puddle pothole and dip and antman is laffin his ass off and the car is liek jumping front to back liek it had hydrualics and it was massively funny....

and bc all that happened me sarah cory and alex went for ice cream...and amrk this on the calender....I DIDNT PAY!!!!......they were liek ur not paying and im like ooook then.......but thats like the first time ive ever gone out with all them guys and got food and didnt pay....

so yeaaaah thats pretty much all the fun stuff i did today....and im kinda debaiting weither i should call clarissa or not...idk...but my phone is ringnin latr bitchz
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Thursday, June 30th, 2005

June 30th, 2005 @ 12:43am
for some reason today just sucks....dunno y but it dose.....woke up at 1230 bc some reason i thought i had to go to school but after 5 mins of sobering up i rembered i didnt have ne so i passed out till 630...

then my grents came over as i was making dinner then we all sat on the back pourch cept david bc god forbid he leaves his computer and then a bout a hour of explaing how subwoofers work and the diffrent classes of spl sql and db drag racing in genral and what the whole point of db drag racing was i showed him my audiobahns and he called me nutz and i laffed then david showed him somthign on the computer for abotu a good 30 mins...then we got hit with the most massive rain storm in a long ass time....and we seen a buncha kids "ghetto swimming" were they lay in puddles and do swimming motions its really funny to watch them...then it stoped raining and my grents left....

and not 15 20 mins ago i was on the garage roof chattin on aim liek i usaly do when im really bored and then i c a cop car stopped in front of my house and im liek o goodie what did they find out i did now so i jump down (and left my laptop on the roof playing music and after 5 mins of talkign to the pig i mean cop fuck tha police came on) and i guess there was a big fight/stabbing a couple blocks away from my house the other day and this one kid about my size on a black bike and 2 other kids got into a fight with a buncha (19) skaters and the bikers beat up 17 of them and stabbed one while the other skater fag ran to the cops....and aparently 12 of the skaters got seriously injured ie broken bones and one kids ina wheel chair for 6 - 9 mos bc one kid took his skate bored adn hit him with the trucks dead center of the spine......and they thought i had some "involvement" with this fight...lmmfao....but sadly i was up to alexs famly reunion when this happened....

ive ben thinking about my ex's alot latley...and how every one i kno is still "freinds" with there x's and still talks to them...were as me...lets c....alicha..still c her every once ina great while but dont go outta my way to c her....kimberly and linsday moved outta state so i dont see them ne more and havent emailed them in a good 2 3 4 years....idk if u would consider amber and JJ's sister x's bc we only went ona few dates...and meagan is just a bitch (not mg diff meagan) and that was a really nasty break up so i really dont talk to her......2 r dead cant talk to the dead so moving on....so i guess im weird and diffrent bc i dont talk to my x's.....and thinking about my x's is really making me depressed...liek rembering all the good times ive had......and it also really makes me think if i want another gf.....kinda seems pointless to me its enibital that were just gonna break up and cause bolth of us heart ache amd depression so bother to be depressed for years when ur gonan be happy for only a couple months?.......

ben watchign this new show on the discovery channel...called top gear...i figured it had the same name as my favortie racign game when i was growing up and playing super nintendo every day so i put it on...saw this really fuckign nice ass car still dont no what it is and its pissing me off bc the way the doors opened up they like twisted kinda like a messed up broken lambo door and they had a really fancu name for the way the door opened up and i still cant rember it ne ways i wanna put those hinges on my eclipse when i get my car....only problem is idk what kidna car it was...but i got it planned out in my head to suicide those doors and put them in a eclipse....and if ur lost suicide means basicly instead of the doors opening from the fron they open up from the back.....so im forced to watch damn british ppl talk funny till the car comes back on...and its pissing me off bc british ppl talk massively fucked up...liek they call seadans "saloons" and coupes "coop-ays" and hatchbacks "hatchys" and trunks "boots" wtf...british ppl scare me......

and i guess im goign to scotia high school next year.....

omfg yessss finaly i figured out waht kinda car it was....koenigsegg cc-82 and the fancy word for the doors was "Dihedral Synchro-Helix Door Actuation".....yeah so now that i got all the info i need ima have fun looking for parts so latr bitchz.....
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Tuesday, May 17th, 2005

May 17th, 2005 @ 9:34pm
u no what i raelyl love...is how i can ask emily out (well sorta) over the internet but yet i cant ask sarah out but yet i can talk to sarah and not freeze up that much but yet i cant talk to emily with out freezign up...hmm...ne ways i kinda asked emily out on a date but cant go thru wih it bc im sick and got a cold and what not and u cant go on dates whern ur sick....but yet still cant think of what do to after we get ice cream bc she owes me ice cream lol...even tho ill pay.....or maybe go to subway then go get ice cream cb shes a subway whore lol.....but idk if i wann go thru with it bc she has a massive crush on pj even tho she says she dont liek him ne more but yet she was liek im sad bc pj cut his hair.....but w.e...seems liek bolth girls i liek have crushes on other ppl besides me but w.e....but yet i wanna ask sarah out bc im always hanging out with her....and i wanna ask emily out bc ive had a crush on her for a long time but yet i dont wanna ask emily out bc idk if pj would be liek pissed at me and loose a freind over it and i dont wanna ask sarah out bc well its just hard to explain....but idk moving on....i made the mistake of having the idea to hook my 8's up to my bros computer and it moved them a lil bit and now he wants to use them....or have them or somthign liek that...first he invades me house then he invades the front seat invades on my freinds now he wants to invade on my speakers....hmm...lol alex called me up (i didnt anwser when he called bc i was under the car working) and i called him back and hes like i was gonna ask u to borrow money bc its corys bday and i have no money for gifts and cake and have no mix for cake but i have no car to use bc i didnt go to school and i was gonna ask u for money for cake and gifts but i have no car to use so i can pick u up...and hes like shes all upset bc evan runined her bday bc of the summer house insadent....so i was thinkign in my head afterwards maybe i can throw cory a bday party get her a few gifts and invite some ppl and make it all better and htne get even more on sarahs good side bc of the mouse insadent lol and then ask her out or somthing...idk...but my bro is pissing me off asking my to play touroc or how ever u spell it so ima go play some 64 so latr bitchz.....
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Thursday, May 12th, 2005

May 12th, 2005 @ 1:15am
tonite was mad fun...went to als around idk like 1 ish to go biking and ect and it was amd fun then sarah decided to play a prank on al and cory saying that cory said that they were breaking up and i fuled the fire and it was sooooooooooooo funny...yada yada yada then we took the van out to go get parts for paint bal lguns and ect around 4ish and omg it was soooo funny...it was me sarah cory alex kevin and kaleana in the van and it was mad fun then we got to T and V and they were closed and cory fell flat on her ass trying to get it omg it was sooo fuckig funny....and then we decided to drive around for mad long time then we dropped sarah off bc she ahd to be home at 830 even tho it wasnt even dark yet then we did the norm peel outs slids and lawn touch ups....then we got lost in this research fasility bc they had mad roads and trails and it was amd funny...then we almost ran outta gas when we were lost looking at the fancy houses it was mad funny......then they dropped me off and i showed kevin my tmaxx and revo and hes liek i want u to build me one so this should be interesting...and i only got bitches at twice so it was a good day...once bc i didnt invite david to go and again bc i got home at 1130...and i changed my mind about aasking sarah out bc last night or one of them nights i was really pissed/depressed and waht nto and decided to pretty much ahh fuck it and not ask her out but im thinking about it again bc she was realyl flirty today...like telling me to come over to alex's even tho he didnt no i was comgin over when she told me that she was talkign to him and waht not and then gave me a realyl sexy evil looking smile when i showed up it was pretty interesting....then when we weere in the van she was sitting behind me and my wallet chain was dangleing over the edge and she was liek playing footsy with my chain...it was pretty funyn but verry annoying lol....and she was all get me somthing from the ice cream shop in a really innocent sounding voice it was funny lol..and o yeah lmmfao i saw the civic we hit a mad long time ago and got the bumper the one fender and mirros and other parts off of on union and its still missing the bumper and mirrors and they put 1 stock fender back on and the other z3 fender is still cracked it was soooo fucking funny when we saw it lmao.....and them in like yo lets sell the parts back to him lol....adn then when we stopped at the gas station i gave sarah money to shut her up and she went in and got some jolt and i was joking around and when sarah went to hand it to her i swiped it in sucha seamless motion it was mad funny bc she didnt notice that i took it and cory lunged over the seat and attacked me and her fat and boobs were liek hanign over my head it was soooooooooooo nasty...but in a sick and twisted way mad funny lol......and we went to vale cematarty to c the bloody mary the one if u liek say bad words around the satue it will bleed from its eyes and im git was so funyn bc cory and kaleana were almost crying they were so freaked out....and they had to close allllll the windows and they spazed on me when i opened the latched window next to me that only opens out liek a inch and they they were like close the fuckign window close the fuckign windows and then we peeled out on some gravel and im like omg its the ghosts scrathcing at the car and they freaked out it was so fuckign funny lol.....but ne ways i gotta look for parts and im tired so latr bitchz

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Saturday, May 7th, 2005

May 7th, 2005 @ 10:56pm
i got a idea lets push the VENT! button...
blah blah blah same shit diff day pretty much...i was typign to sarah will u go out with me or some cheezy pick up line and right b4 i hit enter she signed off...kinda pissed...im really sick of getting ready to ask her out then somthign happens were i cant/dont ask her out so i came up with the mad mean plan...i think ima im cory and be liek u no what im tired of attempting to ask sarah out so can u do me the favor and ask her out for me being as u to are always together alone and can talk thatd be mos def apreceated lol.....and whats even more funnyer is when i was carrying maxxxine out to the living room getting all the shit ready to go out side david was like i want one or buy me one or somthign liek that and u dont no how fuckign hard i laffed when i herd him say that...i love how he thinks my mom bought all my shit...lets c here system...i paid cash for that i got from mowing lawns and ect...rc cars...paid cash for from the money i made at the club and xmas and birthday money and ect...bikes...thatsa diff story no one realyl pays for the parts lol....and computers..i havent realyl upgraded ina while but i paid for that from the money i "found" so i dont c how my mom is paying for ne thing of mines...but w.e....and it hink i made my point really clear bc i had the idea to go job hunting and get mad apps and what not but i didnt fill out the 2 i got bc i was told they wouldnt hire me at sears bc im not 17 even tho they hire 15 yr olds so im liek w.e ill just keep it for later use and the one i grabbed from gabes he isnt hiring so no point in filling one out there but we went to mad places and he got a bunch of them and its ben liek idk 4 5 days since we did this and they were still in the truck adn im liek now what was the point of goign aroudn and wasting all that gas to get all these if he inst gonna fill them out... and she didnt say nothing and then im liek i still dont c the point of him moving here if all hes gonna do is sit around and be on the computer 24-7 and try takign over my server...and my mom has the balls to call me lazy...but refesh my memory whos the one every thursday mowing lawns and every now and again workign at the club for spending cash and whos the one that every thime he gose into the hobby shop harasses the owner to give him a job fixing wrecked rc cars....but yet due to his age cannot be hired...thought so but w.e...and i love how he just expects every thing to be handed to him and wants to shop and spend money 24-7....and now he wants a cell phone..now this wouldnt bother me if 1 he new ppl in NY and 2 if he was actualy went out and did stuff to were u would need a phoen and his excuse is i like the camera.....refresh my memory y i have 2 web cams and a digi...but w.e....and im gettign a lil tired of hearing well down south blah blah blah... adn when we were at mourettes idk waht it was for them but it was breakfast for me he was liek well down south they dont have root beer bc he was complaining bc he didnt no that they had root beer so i was liek well u no this isnt down south and every one got realyl quiet.....and i thin kits funyn how my mom is liek well u should get him goign bc he will listen to u...wtf i no i can be verry perswaysive at times but he aint my fucking kid......and jackie is pissing me off soo fuckign much...bc i was chattin wit her when sarah got on and i told her how i was gonna ask her out adn then she signed off b4 i could hit send and she was lie omg thats so funny then she was like dennis will u go out with me lmao.....that fuckign pissed me off...then she got mad at me bc i didnt no were my phone was adn she called liek 4 times..i could honestly give a shit bc its boring talking to her when she calls bc im in my thinking moods and id rather think about how to solve this problem then listen to her bull shit...and half the time i just lay on my bed with music quietly blasting into the phone and shes just talking to her self as im thinking so i dont c the point of talkign to her...and she talks about the same shit that she already told me when she immed me and its the same shit over adn over again...adn what reallly pisses me off is how i pretty much have music on 24-7 and if i have my powerfull system on i usaly keep it pretty low and once ina while when a good song comes on and ill turn it up i mean who wouldnt right...well david dotn liek that so he has to crank up his rock shit and i can hear the highs over mine but yet i get yelled at when my mom is only no more than 2 feet away from his speakers....hmmm....but i thought it was mad funny when my mom came home bc her and david went to the store and i madea really bassy mix cd and i had it on 7 outta 30 and the bass was hitting pretty nicely and she freaked out bc the whole house is saking and making funny noises...i thought it was mad funny.....and then david was arguing about its all about how many watts the speakers are the more watts the louder it will go...and thats just complete ass crack right there..its not all about the watts the more watts the speaker has the higher potential it has to be louder but its all about the sensativity of the speaker but yet im wrong bc i suddenly forgot every thing about speakers..but yet my laptop speakers are only 34 watts and they have no problem pushing 140 DB all day long...but enuf of the speaker mumbo jumbo bc im sure pretty much no one knows what the fuck im talking about lol....but ne ways...i need a pick me up so off to ebay i go...latr bitchz...

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May 7th, 2005 @ 1:25pm
smells to nice out here....i got it!!
just finaly started to break in my fantom and wow its got some balls lol.....i think it cooked the tranny but idk could have just ben 2 yrs of racing/beating on it lol...but it was soo funny bc i woke up went out side and checked to c how hot is was adn what not and im liek it smells to nice out here...it was really funny...and then i proceeded to break my engine in... i swear its fighting me all the way liek it dont wanna be brought back to life lol...first the clutch linkage unscrewed it self some how...then the tranny around the end of the trank decided to be a bitch and just go nutty 100% and grr its just pissing me off a lil bit...but i finaly got to use my new transmitter i got for it and omg madddd cush yo lol....im so white lol...and i love how cory keeps calling me asking were alex is...i love it lol...and calling me and asking me to call ppls to find alex...i loooove it lol....i love being used..lol...ne ways...ive ben thinking alot about asking sarah out and im still coming up blank.....but i think helping hooking evan and steff up will give me some ideas...but idk....well im off to the hobby shop...so latr bitchz...

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Wednesday, May 4th, 2005

May 4th, 2005 @ 11:55pm
this sucks....
this reealllllllllllly sucks.......bc ive ben thinking...i mean i really like sarah...and i reallly like emily....and if i dont ask sarah out cory will b pissed at me and i could care less if she id but if shes pissed at me she will tighten up alex's leash and that means i wouldnt be able to come over..well if i didnt call and say i was i would be but thats nto the point...but if i ask emily out pj will be semi pissed but im not realyl sure bc he dont really like her...even tho she had a massive crush on him...adn i eman theres things i like aobut each of them and pretty much nothing i dont like about them....and they bolth live 3+ miles away and emily lives closer but yet its up hill bolth ways (not joking) and its all down hill to sarahs house...cept emilys mom isnt physco shes cool and lets ppl go over to her house....but idk who i wanna ask out as of yet...im really pissed at emily rigth now lol...but not really...bc if she didnt go opening her mouth and saying she had a crush on me this "problem" would have never arouse in the first place...but nope had to remind me how much i like her...this sucks...i ahd the idea to set my bro up with emily but then i was plannign it then i realized hes like not into girls for some reason....bc when he followed me biking a car full of 8+ teenagers pulled up adn it was liz and her freinds and im like scoot over to one of her freinds and im liek david jump in adn he looked at me werid and was liek no thats ok..now if that was me i would have ben liek move over lol..but nope....and idk if id like it knowing i set some one i liked up with my bro...but w.e....y dose this shit have to be some confusing...and make u think so fucking much.....grrrrr....girls sucks......

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Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005

May 3rd, 2005 @ 12:07am
wow what can i say today was justa fucking grrreat day!!!.....al called up and me and david went over there and we chilled in his living room for a few and then my bro and al went up stairs and me cory and sarah are just chillen on the couch and it was mad cool bc cory was just so hyper it rubbed off on all of us and then we started tickling sarah and it was massively fun yo......then the plan was for me cory and sarah to go get pizza so we left and then my bro and al fillowed on there bikes and we all went and got ice cream..adn al was kinda getting pissed bc cory was kinda indirectly hitting on me and i didnt really notice it bc i was so hyper and laadeedaa and chit chaating with cory and sarah........then cory was liek go up ahead so i can talk about u and im like w.e..adn thhen we get there and sarah had to go and then im like and what were u talkign about and come to find out sarah wanted to talk to cory but didnt wnna make it noticeable so cory asked me to go up ahed and sarah was liek do u think he likes me and all that crap.....so im thinking this is gonna be a real good realationship once i ask her out..and i told cory about how i was thinkign of askign her out but thought it was kinda to fast and she was liek well just take it slow bc then she will think ur just going out with her for her ginormes boobs and thats liek semi true but not the only reason bc shes really cool and mad hard to xplain.....ne ways...so were gonna go to the movies and the big q is wether nor not to invite cory and al to to go but me and cory r still kinda thinking on that bc sarah did invite all of us but cory became cool and is trying to figure out if only me and sarah should go....but idk......and i was soo hyper today untill liek 5 mins ago when my stoamch was like NITE and became a bitch....and me and my bor hooked up the NES the super the cube and the ps2 out there and another tv and omg u cant possably no how fucking great i felt holding the joystick play gardian legend for the first time in like 6 yrs....and it was really fucking cool looking thru the case full of games...mad memorys.....i love it lol......im sucha gamer....but ne ways i really dont feel good so latr bitchz.........
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Wednesday, April 27th, 2005

April 27th, 2005 @ 11:09pm
went to dinner wit judy and my moms tonite...it was pretty fun bc i got to ride in her van and its choped and lowered 9 nches in the floor boards and the back seat is just so comfy bc i could just barely touch the floor and it was just so comfy...and then we get to sansuchi and i thought it was gonna be this high class place and it turned otu to be just liek blue ribbion witch is like semi fancy but comfortalbe...the only thing that made me a lil uncomfy was she kept talking about my aunt...and i guess it was ok bc we like got it outta our systems and what not....but they had really reaaaaaallly good sausage sandwitches....and then i called up al bc we did make plans for me and ev to come over and then cory anwsered and im like ok he said she wasnt gonna be over there and then hes liek no im not gonna be home...adn hes really pissing me off bc i want my fucking gun.....and i bought a nice 16 inch sniper barrel for my gun and i want my shit back b4 i get my barrel bc hes starting to piss me off....bc i got my tools my gun over there adn its ben liek almost a week maybe more than a week since i ben over there...and cory owes me money and shes pissing me off b4 she borrowed money from me al would say read this to him on the phone and now she wont even do that and its like if she's on his sn liek checking the net or somthing and i im his sn shell mad put a away up and she used be like no lolz to w.e i say and by the lolz i new it was her...but nope not even more...and she got him so fucking whipped it aint even funny bc when we were walking (me al and cory) down to her house or somthign i pointed out a car that had a nice system in it and she was like if u touch that car i forget xzactly what she said but it was to the extent that were breaking up and we never did hit that car......but w.e......and i used my gmail account for the first time in like 4 week since i got it.....but i wonder y google gave out some 250k free accounts when there ne weres from 9 bux to 50 a mounth....but i could care less bc i got me a free gmail accoung and i plan to show it off lol....whats ur email address o my email yeah its mrmistchife2@Gmail.com whats urs o mines..its blahblahblah@somthignnotimportant.com ...i feel so important wit gmail lol...and maybe if i email ppl from my gmail account thell actualy read it unlike my hackermail accounts lol....owell lol.....and i had pj email me 50's new album bc it was the only album i did have of his and i was just a lil interested in what his album was bc it had sucha hype and so far it really isnt lyricly better that get rich or die trying liek every one is saying it is...bc i used to be albe to listen to get rich or die trying the whole album thru when i was pissed and that means it had some lyrical content to it........and this album so far is coming up way short or his last album......and 50 cent just dosent sound right they way hes kinda like singing idk y em and 50 started singin in there new album...but u cant go wrong with the sales figures so all the power to them.....idk for some reason ive ben playing mostly older music latley like for instance the aphex twins cd is from 85, the slim shady lp is from 92 i do beleve happy hardcores album well the one thats in my cd changer is from like 94 i think xzibit's albums that r in my cd changer are from like 94 96 98 and one of my on and off favorites is no doubts the singles album and thats a lil old its from 03 but i like that one bc i get reminded of all the fun times i had wit kelsey going to the mall and her using my cell phone to call some one i forget who and asking them about ovulatiting tests or somthign like that and then doing the boarder in her living room and idk y i thin of that bc it wasnt playing i just rember it playing in the car and looking at the album cover..idk im weird.....and then jackie called and was liek i cant wait for saturday and im like i really dont want saturday to come and she was babblin on and on and on about somthign idk i turned my music up and then i think either i or she hung up but im so happy i finaly found somthign that annoys/pisses her off so much that she hangs up im so happy!!.....and then she gets online and her bro ims me....and her ro gose out with this girl that kept iming me for some reason and jd was liek tell her keny said yes so im like ok ima fuck with her so im like kenny said no and i didnt no what the q was and it turned out that the q was r we still going out so i guess i ticked some ppls off... and hes liek dont talk to ma sis or my g/f and im like first off she always ims me i never im her bc shes annoying as fuck and if u want i can prove it to u by sending u the logs and 2 what u gonna do if i talk to ur sis and he was liek ill kick ur ass and i almost cryed when i herd that bc 1 hes only 13 and 2 hes only 4'9 and i just laffed at him then he blocked me...it was really mad funny.....and plus im mad happy bc jd FINALY got a bf so this means she wont call em so fucking much im so happy!!!.....sad how im happy a girl isnt callign me lol...but w.e lol...well ima watch full throttle so latr bitchz

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April 27th, 2005 @ 1:29am
so i guess ima libra....
i was bored and i always think about lil things ppl say or questions ppl ask and they float around in my head adn i rember jackie ask what sign r u and im liek umm idk slow children at play so i decided to go look up and c what sign i am and lol im startign to beleve this horoscope thing..."You won't believe how brave your friend is being -- or how brave you are to keep listening to what they've gone through lately. Be sympathetic, but be sure you're not overreacting -- which would be easy to do now."....i wonder how they thing this shit up...bc that fits really well...bc im always listening to JD talk on and on and on about her x and w.e els and then al was liek "she has school shit and i told her im hanging with my friends like it or not" and i was mad shocked when i herd him say that lol.....but i have to go to dinner with judy adn my mom tomorrow at "san sushi"....this should be interesting...and als pissed at me bc im gonna by a nice barrel for my paint ball gun and that means he wont be able to use it so often....but idc....maybe ill just buy him a gun like i bought him a memory card bc he kept borrowing mine....but idk...but i liek the barrels i was looking at...there was a nice 16 inch riffeled sniper barrel for liek 10 bux and there was a 22 inch 3 peice sniper barrel witch i think ima get for 25 bux....i love how army and navy wanted 126.99 for thr 16 inch and 289.99 for the 22inch barrel...

and my horoscop for yesterday was "You're still thinking nonstop about how to get the heck out of whatever financial/work-related situation you're in by turning your hobby into your career. Well, do your homework. In just a few weeks, you could be ready." and that was mad true bc i was rackin my brain on how to find a way to get outta going to NC so i could go play paint ball and i did figure a way by smooth talking my grents into a vacation from my mom lol so there gonna go and get my bro lol....and i can go play paint ball whoooooo!!!!!!!!!....christ speak of the devil and they shall haunt u...well latr bitchs bc JD is calling latr....
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Sunday, April 24th, 2005

April 24th, 2005 @ 11:31pm
so ive come to the conclusion that white castle is the orgasm of foods...hard to coem by but one u get it its pure happyness....thought u should no lol.......
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Saturday, April 23rd, 2005

April 23rd, 2005 @ 11:15pm
this sucks.....
im pissed....bc i got 4 things i can do tomorrow........1.go to the city....2.go to JD's...3.go hunting....4.go paint balling......and they all have there plus's and downsides....like if i go to the city i cant do nothing els...and if i go paint balling my grandfather will be disapointed bc he wants to take me hunting and check out the land....and if i go to JD's house i cant go paint ballin or hunting.....and i had a really great idea instead of leaving at 6 am to go to the city we leave latr so i can go hunting bc i can only hunt till 12 then go paint balling till 2 or 3ish then go to the city then id get back aroung 10 and then go to JD's......but nope thats not good enuf bc we have to beat the traffic into and outta the city.....and i wanna do every thign but my idea isnt good enuf....and now my cus has the idea in her head that her and ray and some one els i cant rember who are all gonna go in my moms truck with me and my mom also in the truck....i wanna no is were is every one gonna fit....and then mt cus is liek well U and ray can sit in the back and me and i cant rember her name and ur mom will sit in the front....first off who the fuck dose she think she is saying i can sit in the back of my truck (yes its my truck) when i cant even sit in the back for no longer than 10 mins with out getting cramps......and now my mom comes in and tells me the plans all changed....nwo instead of takign the 3 trucks my grents my moms and shit heads truck were not taking my moms truck....so that means if i go i would have to ride with shit head and my mom has the idea hes gonna be sleepign over...fuck that...i fucking think now is a good time to start spazing...bc i had the idea that i was going to the city so we made plans acordingly and mike didnt go get his speed ball gun aka his back up guns fixed so now if i go paint balling al isnt gonna have a gun and if al dont go/play that means i have to pay and i dont feel liek paying for every thing and i figured since i wasnt going id let al use my brass egale and ev use my blade and every one has a gun but nope my moms like the plans change....and now im the bad guy if i dont go bc i dont wanna drive 6 or 7 hours with shit head snd i can ride in my grents truck bc my cus ahs to bring her bf and a freind...adn what i wanna no is y dose her bf and her freind have to go when her freind and my cus cant lift ne thing heavy and were mainly goign to get furinture and shit for my brother and from what i understan its all heavy...and my idea was just take my moms truc and dont even bother with sit heads truck bc 1 his truck sucks ass and theres always somthing wrogn with it and 2 the only thing my mom goign is for the bed and then bed will fit in her truck...but nope my idea isnt good enuf...oooo my reverse isnt workign right and idk wtf shes spazing at bc if u think about it u aint gonna be using reverse much ne ways....and then shes liek well i gotta think bc i gotta call him back to confirm bc he has to no now bc he might go to band pratice and im liek did u say band pratice aand shes like yeah and im like well count him out bc he wont go and then when we were out side chickign the tires and what nto he calls up and then shes spazing out well fuck u go to band pratice then and i busted out laffin and im liek i so told u lol......so i think we pretty much got it all squared out....and i guess were taking my moms truck and my gfathers truck....so i guess after i spazed out every thing settled down lol.....and then my mom got a call like 5 mins ago and then when she got of the phone she was liek ooooooooooo shit dennis and im like ok whjat and shes liek that was judy and she was callign and saying thank u for the wheel chair and shes taking us out to dinner this wensday and we have to dress up....so this should be interesting lol......and we get to ride in her van witch is pimp'n bc it has air bags lol......and its lowered lol.........and then bri just showed up and my mom was just laying down and im like yo turn ur system on and he did the mad mean white lil jon ok and turned it up it was mad funny and then i had to run inside to grab my mask and my moms liek ur freinds are here it was mad funny lol....and then when i went back out side there was chris's car with the rest of the paint ball gang and there all like yo dennis and im like hi bc i didnt no half of them and they all new my name so im liek wow cool i feel socialable and popular lol...it almost makes me wanna come out of my shell lol...but lets not get cocky now lol........and i have the bright idea that i got from bri but twisted it a lil bit lol...the sunday when my bro is down ima invite him to play paint ball with us and were gonna play a game ove rabbit and my bro is gonna be the rabbit lol( the rabbit has no gun and every one has a gun a 200 shots and its basicly no mercy cept 1 person runs liek hell instead of every one lol) and bris ideal was just to play a game of no mercy and all team up on him lol.......but idk if ima like having a tag a long again.....bc im used to doing every thing by my self and being by my self and not haivng my bro around so idk how this is all gonna turn out....but i figure if i get the green lite from my ppls at sears id give him the job instead of my that ways hes outta my hair lol.....but w.e...welll being as im gogin to the city tomorrow and this post has ben open on my lappy sicne 6 o clock ima end it now so latr bitchz lol
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April 23rd, 2005 @ 2:47am
just got off the phone wit JD....5 hours 23 mins and 18 seconds and 3 battery charges latr lol........and im feeling good...feeling special bc she was like ur the only guy i can talk to on the phone for longer than 15 mins....so i feeling lovd for once lol........and i thought u all should no that lol.......nite nite....

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Wednesday, April 20th, 2005

April 20th, 2005 @ 8:54pm
ok this is gonna be a short post bc punching cast iron dosent quite work to well...ne ways...my day was going pretty good i got up at 6:30 to go to my grents bc they won 2k worth of shit (a new grill and patio set) at the credit union and they needed help putting the shit together and muscle to lift it and what not...so i get up there at 7:15 and we leave at 7:30 to go to dennys bc they had the new hotness breakfast and i realyl wanted to get it and omg it was the shit...and when we take a car out saturday im gonna have and stop there again and get another meatlovers breakfast bowl and give al or who ever the pancakes and shit that come with it bc i couldnt eat all of it sadly lol.....so then we go to the surplus tool store and im liek sweetness they had the allen wrenches i needed that had the t handles on them so i get some of those and then we go home and i get a 13 min nap then i woke up bc i was soo fucking hot then we leave to go to the credit union and im liek wow nice grill and then i c the marketing girl and wow she was sooooooooooo fucking hot then all the other girls that were working got around and took some pics of my gma next to the grill and then we loaded all the shit into the truck and go to my grents and unload ever thing and start putting it together then were liek well we gotta get a cover so offf to sears we go and then i c kyles freind works there and i cant rember her name but we new each other and we were talking/flirting and then we check out and i got the mad hotness discount lol and it came to instead of 3 somthign to $113.65 and then shes like by dennis in a mad sexy voice and did the mad sexy wave and it was funyn and then my gma was like we shoudl tak u shoping more often bc i was just charming all the girls like over to the tool place she looked at me and acted liek she ran a couple items thru the scanner when they didnt ring up and she put them in the bag and it was cool...then we go back to the house adn put every thing together and it took us like from 12ish to about 5 bc me and my grandfather work a diff pace and pretty much dont get up out our seats when were putting stuff together and then we move every thing into the back yard and i got to kill bees lol and it was fun and uplifting to my mood bc i was gettign really tired of hearing u cant lift that by ur self and i mean every thing was under 100 lbs and no more than 220 all together so its not liek i couldnt lift every thing and it was all big boxes and they had handles so it was easy to lift...then i load the no good griil that we were gonan take to a freinds house so he coudl scrap it and what not and put the old good grill in side by side liek ur saposed to so there isnt as much drag then my uncle and gfather came otu no thats not the right way to load a grill so im like fuck it and just let them move it bc i didnt think nothing would happen so we drop the one grill off and i play with the 2 lil kids got em all wound uo then i went out to strap the grill down and i no for a fact i yanked them fucking straps tight like they had it strapped b4 and then we got onto the high way and it was raining and were goign like 55 not much faster if that then i felt a rattle and then the back of the truck lifted up and im liek wtf and i look back and the fuckign gril did a fucking face plant and then the truck jerked and the back tired locked up and i thought my mom put the brakes on so i didnt thin knothign of it at the time and im pissed bc i ahve to get out when its raining and then theres a guy stopped and he looked liek he was gonna get out and do somthing and then i gave him a look as i was runnign to move the peices of the grill outta the road bc there was soooo much traffic comgin and them im running back and forth droping the peices in the back of the truck and then i just picked the grill up with one hand and threw it into the truck witch kinda amazed me bc i had to use 2 hands to lift it bc it was a big fucking grill so im liek lets go and shes fucking spazing i cant the shits rapped up in my drive shaft so im like fucking great and im like throw it into netrual and shes fuckign yelling all this shit then i just move her and throw it into netral then pulled on the strap and the truck started rolling so she jumped in and then when i go the strap out she stopped the truck...then i look at the ens of the strap and im liek wasnt it longer and weres the ratchit thingy so i look thru between the box and cab and im liek fuck its still there so i had to crawl on the wet soggy shit hole of a road and yank that bitch out...and then we get home and im fucking pissed and i just dumped that pile of shit into the drive way and stood it up and took a look at it and then did the mad evil laugh then spazed on it and started punchign it....and it felt good for the first 20 punches then u herd a snap and then my finger started to mad hurt and then it fell over into the grass then i picked it back up and looked at it and it was mad funny i cracked the lid were i was punching and dented the cast iron in a bunchna places and that grill is soooooo fucked up and then i pulled it to the garbage and it was mad funny all i coudl think about was the dog from toy story the slinky dog...yeah it looked zactly liek that....and then i jumped in the showe to get the slimeyness of the rain off my and i was mad fuckign pissed then i went onto my lappy played some music and then mad started laffind bc i red mgs post and mad thought of the text she sent me lol...i swear the lilest things amuse me....and then i turned my system on and the work i did on my ported box actualy made it sound hard to explaine but it jsut sounds soooo fucking good now... then this really fucking beautifal 98 eclipse went by my house..i got goose bumps from looking at it and i got goose bumps right now just from thinking of it...it was just so beautifal....it had the blitz combay kit front and rear and the sniper skirts sparco monza seats thee best system i have herd ina fuckign long ass time..it was verry powerfull tight clean bass and nothing on the car was rattling but the stop sighn was like a bitch and the mirrors on the truck were a blur...and it had thee most beautifal air brushing on it...it had a girl on the front and it had a it had a picture of the eclipse with airbrushing on the picture of his car on the fender and it had this awsome desighn that i cant realyl discribe but it looked like a smoke/flame/lightning/swirl/and a mural that was semi transparent of a girl on her stomach kicking her feet in the air counting money and there was like a citry block on the back round all down the side and then faded to the red that the car was then faded back to the smoke design and said "the cell" on the trid lid and it was just so fuckign nice...and the funny part was he was only at that stop sighn for about 4 seconds but yet i can rember every lil detail about the car thats how fuckign nice that car was.....and that kinda put a smile on my face..i really wish i had my celly out so i could take a picture of it bc it was mad hot...and it wasnt tacky like all the rest of the cars i c....but enuff about the worlds most beautifal eclipse nest to the oen i will own....but sadly it looks liek i will be rocking the s10 when i get my permit but then again it think it will be ok bc 1 i can beat on it bc i have no respect for s10's...but then again i have a lil but not that much...but i think it will be my beater till i get my clipse then turn it into a show truck or a hopper and do a frame up rebuild if i ever get a nice garage...but idk...still nto sure if i wanna put air bags or hydros in it....but enuff typing my hand is startign to hurt so later bitchz........

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Tuesday, April 19th, 2005

April 19th, 2005 @ 12:14am
HOLY FUCKING SHIT.....i am soooooooooooooooooooo fucking sore...but i must say in the end it was sooo worth it...but like every thing on my is sore...my fore arms from holding/shooting so much...my elbows from crawling around and my knees from being in the prone postionion so much...and my legs from running...but it was worth it bc i had so much fucking fun lol...and alst night i figured id work one some ones picture bc i kinda felt bad for not finishing it bc it mad liek stressed/pissed them off or w.e i pretty much had it finished when i went out to get somthign to drink i think all i had to do was merdge it and put a grey scale mask over it and i was done....but i made the mistake of not saving often and taking off my sox with stunk like a bitch and i forgot to turn off my powersaver thigny that sends me a message and beeps and waht not at 4:30 am and if i dont click the button by liek 4:35 it dose a forced shut down and what that dose is basicly dosent save ne thign cept windows settings and aim and winamp and nothign els...and i woke up at 6ish and i look over and i touched my mouse thinking the screen was off and then im slapping it and then all u herd was fucccccccckkkk thru out the house..it was kinda funny but pissed me off bc i didnt save the picture...so now i have to start from scratch well the last pic i saved again....this should be fun.....but i think maybe just maybe ill start photoshoping ppls stuff again when my arm isnt so sore bc i really get bored when no one is on at nite....and i miss the incredably redulus cars i photoshop lol......and what really sucks is that i was gonna ask emily out the niext time we went to bumpys....and then i went to im pj and i red his away message and then i see i love and im like ooo him and talor are back together and i c i love emily and he dont put girls names in there unless there goign out so im liek well there goes that idea...and then i go to ask emily somthing and she put her away up right b4 i imed her and it was at pjs house so im like ok and then pj comes back like 5 mins later and i was gonna get that one tekno song that i couldnt rember the name of it that he sent me but he gose away and i love his away message"around fucking emily....call the cell....well not for another hour ill to busy 2 talk lol" lol i love it....but w.e i wish the best to the bolth of them...if i didnt beleve in karma i would just be liek fuck'em i hope she cheats on him and he dumps him or she dumps him but if i said that if would come back onto me lol...karma's a bitch lol..and then i get a call and i didnt no who was calling and i hear some one crying help me im outta gas and i dont have no gas can and shes crying and cry and crying and after about 5 misn of ok calm down im liek wait a min who r u and shes liek its amber and im liek ooo ok were r u now and shes tells em and im liek ok gimme a min ill be over...and it was a fun ride from my house to the mall with a 5 gallon gas can lol...but i got a hug and a kiss so i guess it was all worth it lol....and then i get about 4 blocks from my house she calls again and was liek im at so and so garage and there saying this and this is bad i need u here asap and i liek ok ill be over and on the way over im getting a lil pissed bc 1 im liek weres her brother he should be taking care of this and 2 bc my bike was soooooo shaky bc of my bent rim and it was all down hill pretty much....then i get there and shes pretty much crying bc there trying to say theres liek 9k worth of shit wrong with her her brand new denali so i get there and there like her brakes are all bad we cant let her outta here with those brakes and her tranny is blown it wont go into over drive and her cerptine belt is all bad and im acting liek im her bf and im liek so let me c the car and there like no we cant let u go in there insurance rules and i no for a fact u can go in there with the guy who owns it so after about 5 mins im like well ok w.e let me go get my credit card and acted liek i was getting into this car and when he wasnt lookign i opened the one door and looked at the car and she has disk brackes allt he way round so u can look at them thru the rims and im liek well her brakes are good and i c glove marks all over the bottom of her tranny and then scrape marks were a wrench had ben and they unhooked the one tranny linkage and i c the hood open so i go to lower the lift and the affy guy was mad spazing on me u not saposed be in here and im bitching him out and im liek y bc then ppl will no that ur ripping them off by fuckign with there cars and breakign shit and unhooking shit and then charging them for shit that aitn broken and then her dad shows up...boy was i scared shitless bc 1 hes liek twice the size of corys dad and 2 he seen my lookign under and in the hood of her dads car and he never really seen me bc so he grabs my should and was like what did u do to my daughters car and im like umm umm umm umm umm umm umm then amber was liek no daddy hes with me he came to make sure i wasnt getting ripped and then hes like sorry bout that and im liek no problem and then he bitched the dudes out and the affy was liek i fix free of charge and then i said to her dad i wouldnt let them touch it after waht they did to it and hes liek i c u no a thing or to about cars y dont u fix it and im like ok and i open up my back pack and take my tools and and i hook every thing back up and took me only like 15 mins or so and then took i let her dad take it out for a test drive and then he gets back and then we got into a argument hes liek take the money and im liek no i dotn the money and shes liek take the money and her dad was liek take the money so after about 5 mins of that im like ok ill take the money...i swear it was mad funny....and them im riding back to my house and then 3 unmarked blazers mad stop along side me and im like ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo shit im fucked and i keep going and then i herd christophers voice and im liek wtf was all that for and hes like we going some were and im like ok and we get to talkign and he just wanted to thank me for helping out with his sister lol....and what a relife that was like gonna do somthing...and then i go biking and we meet up with all of N.S. hogie mike that black kid who sucked and luke was up and then the really rich kid nick kid came along and started following us and its really sad bc he has this realyl nice 7k specialized and he dont no nothign about bikes and hes askign all these dum questions and it was realyl sad bc he has so much money he makes me look like al with money lol..and then he thought his lil endos were the shit...and then als like have u met the endo king and im like no i dotn think so and then i hook my v-brakes up bc my disk brakes stick and then im liek this is how u endo and i went from one side of the parking lot to the other and then he shut up about the endos but i will admit he could wheelie standing up but not sitting down lol....and then he pretty much cry when his pedle cliped his leg and it was mad funny bc it wasnt really bleeding and then hes liek hwo bad is my rim and it wasnt really bent it was the bend didnt even move out half the size of a keybord key and hes mad spazing out but then hes liek owell daddy will have to buy me a new bike and then we get riding twards evans house maybe 5 blocks and hes liek were r we we have to get back to union within 25 mins and im like ok and if u looked down the block union was right there we were just one block over and it was amd funny and hes liek i gotta ride with u guys some more and hes going on and on and on about how he always wants to ride but his freinds dont and how his dad bought a fighter plane and hwo his quads are right in his back yard...and im thinking yo this kid is telling us to rob him and then hes showing us his his lock telling us its un breakable and im liek dude u can break that lock like nothing with this here hole punch and i pull it out and hes liek no u cant so im liek ok ull find me riding ur bike when u go into that store and he sawa me stand next to his bike then he turned his head for about long enuf to hand the guy the money and hand him back his change and while he was doing that i took out the hole punch and took my hammer and all u herd was tink and then took the lock off and boom i was out doing wheelies when he came out..it was realyl funny....and then we ride over to stewarts bc i had to hand ev my cell and we just stoped there and did some 3s and what not then all u herd was hey nicolas and im thinking ok i guess this kid can ride with us...then we go over to the groovy wall as we call it and after about 20 mins of riding u hear woooot woooot andim like shit im done bc i had a book bag with bolt cutters a mag lite vice grips mad flat head screw drivers and a pry bar...so im liek fuck then the one cop gets and and nicks like hey whats up and they get talking and hes like well normaly i wouldnt have a problem with u guys riding but thats they way the owners want it and nick hands him his cell phone and then the cops liek well just find a nother place to ride and we all bounce lol and im liek ok this kid can ride with us lol......and then he left...and then we rode down to evans hose and we stop to talk to dave and they were all talking to dave and then lisa sat down (lisa jenkowski not lisa c) and we just looked at each other and exchanged a lot of looks bc we really didnt have ne words bc we havent talked since 5th grade bc i was the new guy at page and i kinda new her/had a crush on her bc i new her from luke and i sat in the back of the bus were she sat and then i started talking to her and then every one started crackin jokes and im getting mad pissed im like u u and u after school and then lisa steped up was was liek u guys leave him alone...and they all gave her shit and we pretty much never talked from after that jsut exchanged faces and looks and maybe once and a great while when i skipped school or when i went to citys i would c her and heather talking and i woudl say hi and she we would talk for like 5 mins then heather would be liek we gotta go and then she would leave and then we didnt talk for like 3yrs bc i moved and then i c her at daves house but it was cool....and then my mom showed up outta no were and im like well im out and then went home......and im kinda glad i did bc i got a massive sore throat and i suddenly got mad sore all over and puked once....but w.e.....and i felt mad stupid bc i still cant figure out how to sighn on to aim from my phone bc shannon wanted to hang out but i had to im her and i couldnt rember her number and her dad dont let ne boys around or in the house or to her window so im like well cant chill wit her..owell......and im mad sore so i think ima call it a nite...atr bitchz

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Monday, April 18th, 2005

April 18th, 2005 @ 12:39am
this i must say was the start to the best pring break ever!!!!!k first off yesterday me ev and al went riding from 8pm to 530am and rode about 120 miles i think we figured it to be and holy fuck it was the best...and then bri called at like 2ish and was liek u guys wanna go paintballing and me and al r like yes and evs lik naa i can i gotta work and i busted out laffin lol..and then me and al get up to his room and then i hear somthing mobin gout side on the porch and i mad jump out his window onto the porch and im looking for some one to walk away with one of the bike (i mean ts not liek we didnt have 16k worth of bikes on the porch) and then evan mad kicks the door open dum quic and scared the fuck outta me but it was mad funny....and being as we were goign paint balling at 6 we couldnt go to sleep so al was on the phone wit cory and evan was sleeping on als bed and then i dozed the al hit me in the face with a pillow and was like wake up and then he did the mad mean pimp slap to ev (were u lick the tips of ur fingers and it makes it sticky) and als like nite ev and it was mad funny...and then was kept mumbling on and on about how could i have got cought sneeking out....and then at 601 bri and crish was out front and we left...and i thought it was funny bc every one but me had army camo on and i had mossy oak camo on and it looks like trees and leaves and shit and im really glad i wore it....so we get out to the feild at liek 630 and then i c the guns they were gonna use...bri had a A5 chris had a A5 trevor had 1 A5 1 spyer team edition pro speed ball gun and a 12 shot pistol...and i saw his and im liek shit this dudes a pro bc u cant buy that oen gun he had and then i c the other kids gun and i c daves gun...the other kid had a bob long and dave had a angle....and i had the crappy brass egal lol....but sadly i had the best kill rate and the most head shots lol....the first round it was 1 hit ur out and i think dave then trevor then mike then chris then me got out then secdon game it was bri chris and mike against us 4 and i ran outta paint that round but i had got bri in the face lol...3rd game it was me bri dave and al aginst the rest of them and that game was mad fun bc it was only me and mike left and i took my mask off and hid my gun under neath me and i just laid there and he walked right pass me then i wait for him to turn around and then i jump up and was liek NITE and popped him in the back of the neck... and hes like ahh im hit and did the mad funny dead man fall...then at that point every one was out to kill me bc i was the hardest to find and the person that was almost as hard as me to find was bri and he was wearing a bright blue and black jersey lol go figure...then we played capture the flag...mad fun.. first round of ctf was me bri dave and al on one team and the rest on another and i was the medic and chris was the medic on that team witch means if en oen els but me or chris gets shot we can run to ppl on our team that r out and touch them and there back in but if we get hit every oen has 1 life lol....and dave and al stromed the flags dave gave al cover fire bri was kjust like shooting the hell outt the tree mike was behind bc he had a fully auto gun and then he moved again and got him in the nuts lol...and im crawing on the ground and then i c this mask move so i threw a stick when he wasnt looking of this way and he loked over there and i got him in the side of the mask and it fully covered his fave it was mad funny...then we plaey seige the fort lol that wa the mad hot game lol... bri chris and mike were in the fort and the rest were attacking lol...and then im walking and i c chris up in the tree and i shot him in the mas again and then i wasnt sure if i got him bc i didnt hear im out and he raised his hand looking like to re-aline his gun and i shot him in the arm pit 3 times then u herd im fucking out im fucking out then i go after chris and he was behind a hood and there was to much brush over his head to get a clear shot and hed [pop up and i shot once then hed duck down then pop up and id shoot then i c mikes gun so i shot his gun about 6 times... then i ran outta paint....then we were in the fort and it was mad funny bc we wanted them all to move up so we all went after mike and hes liek yelling y is every oen shooting at me it was really funny then every one started shooting at the stick figure we made lmao it was mad funyn then every oen but me got out and then bri thought it was game over and he started walking out from the tree and he got a ear shot it was mad funny then chris snipped me in the arm pit bc he shot the one tree branch that i had setup for a splatter sheild then mike some oen i dont rember who maad charged it after i said i was out and it was mad funny...and we played about 3 more rounds of that and they really wernt nothign special no head shots or nothing....then we plaed 50 step speed ball...every oen had 50 shots and had to walk 50 steps then game on lol....i knee capped dave then i ran outta paitn and then i think bri won that round..then every oen was starting to run low on co2 so were liek 1 last game of no mercy...and that was a mad fun game it was me mike trevor and al on my team and that was a mad fun gameal got shot in the knee caps about 9 times each bc dave thought it was him who shot him and all u herd was fuck this urdone and pop pop pop pop pop pop mad times and then u herd al going owww it was mad funny then dave ran outta paint and ran then al got him in the back of the neck it was mad funny....then i got bri in the belly lol then ran outta paint....then we packed every thing up and went to kfc...the look on the guys face was sooo fucking funny bc we all were head to toe in camo and had green splatters every were and it was mad funny....then we got all this free food it was cool...then when we got in the car chris finaly turned his system on bc he dont liek to play it when ppl r in the car and hes liek w.e u guys want it on w.e and cranked it to max volume and i must say for 300 wats between the 2 subs them JLs hit pretty fuckign hard lol and then chris and bri raced.. wow what a dissapoint ment bri took uo from the start bc he had a v6 and thats much better than the vtec thats in chris's hinda and we onyl got uo to about 120 or so then we had to stop for the light bc we saw a cop... then we got dropped off at asl house...and then im like dozing and i guess it didnt look like i was sleping and als dad started to talk to me and was liek if al starts drooling let me no ill get him a tissue and it was mad funny.....then these ppl came over and im like ok i gotta gobc they were like so nice and polite it was fucking creepy...and then the mom was liek u guys should take joshua when u go he likes to and she did the air quotes paint ball and i almost busted out laffin and then joshua walked in and hes like 9 and hes liek yeah i got a really sweet blad (witch is the cheapest gun u can get and its a pump and dont realyl shoot that hard or far) and im liek sweet i got me thios brass egale and took my gun out and hes liek ooooooo it was pretty funny...then i left...and i got home it was lik idk like 3 then iwent in the shower bc despretly needed a shower bc i looked like a lepracahn bc my face had a green tint to it and my hair had some chunks of shells in it but it was cool lol...and then i get outta the shower and i wanna go to slep bc its ben 3 days since i got sleep and my moms bitching at me rnt u ready yet and im liek half asleep then i went online real quick and from the time i finished iming mg i fel asleep...then i herd my mom go well fine im leaving with out u and im like by and she slamed the door and i shut my comp off and then just woke up....yes at 12 lol...and i have some nice ass bruses from when miek broke his cap off his front line barrle and it made all his paint balls sping into what looked like chubby saw blades lol isk how but they liek got really skinny when he shot them and they were liek 2 inchs high and like a half of inch wide and they fuckign hurn i got hit with 3 of them in the shit and it left some wicked marks...then he started clipping every shot (witch means the balls broke in the gun) and i also got some nice ass marks from when we broke into tri city to race on the track... lol that was fun...racing at 4 in the morning pitch black then u hear all oww fuck bc the rain washed the on lnade out so bad he flipped lol it was mad funny...and thats pretty much all what i did...and tomorrow lukes coming down at liek 6 so tomorrow should be fun bc hes bringin his freind who is a scout for this one company who sponsored luke so every one was amd praticing last night...it was fun tho...soecaily when me ev and al raced down union it was mad fun bc we were wizzing passed the cars that were doign 45 and then they it was a red light at the one intersectiona dn ev and al had no brakes lamo it was the funnyedt wacthing ev stop bc hsi shoe cought on fire lmao...and my disk had some brake cleaner on it and i thin kthat light for a few seconds but it was smoking when we stopped it was funny but mad stunk lol....and now i think ima go back to bed...i think i got what bekkah and cory had/has.....and it sucks....so w.e im out latr bitchz

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Wednesday, April 13th, 2005

April 13th, 2005 @ 1:09pm
i had this really interesting dream....it started when i was in my garage finishing up putting some integgy rims on my eclipse (and i think i found out how i wanan do my paint job) and i sat in the car started it and listened to the engine and im sitting there for about 5 mins then i just slam it into drive and took off...and then my mom slammed the door and i woek up and then liek 5 misn later fell back asleep and i was crusing down the high was and i looked at the gauge and i was doing 130 and had my fav song to blast on bitch by lil jon and then i turned off the high was bc there was cops and then i go to a parkign lot and call up some ppl and was liek yo get ur shit were goign to cali wit me...and then i fall asleep in the car and then 2 girls start smacking my car and yelling all kindsa stuff...and then they got in the car and i scared them by doing the mad nice donut and took off....and then the one feel asleep in thr back and i was talkign to the other one and she started to snore so i turned my system up when bass hit realyl hard and she mad jumped up...then the other one slapped me...lmao it was mad funny....and then my celly rank and i woke up....i swear i have the most interesting dreams some times.....and last night i went over to kyles and i hate that kid lol....bc hes going to the prom with not 1 not 2 not 3 but 4 hot chicks and instead of ridgin in the back with them in the limo he wants to sit up front and wear one of those funyn caps..lmao that kid cracks me up...and he wants to be picked up first so he can ride up front with the driver...now if i was him i would most deff be sitting in the back with jen and tiffany and leghi or how ever u spell her name and cory (diff cory) but nope he wants to sit up front lol....i dont c how he dose it lol.....i mean i had 3 offers to go to senior prom but 2 died and the other ones a bitch and im not in school so i wont be a senior so i wont be goin ne time soon lol....and my fav teacher bitched out the microphone aka ray and he pulled a rick james and was liek hey waht did the 5 fingers say to the face and she was like umm idk and he went SLAP and wailed her and her face hit the desk it was so funny then he took a 900 page book adn broke it across her face then the cops went to mace him but missed and got the teacher lmao it was so funny....times liek these i wished i had ben in school lol...and now i guess theres a investagation pending and she got suspended with out pay untill this matter is resolved lol...and ray only got a week i love it lol...and for some reason i wanna go over to scotia middle school were my old teacher works and harass him for some reason lol....and i love my window..b4 it never really rattled with my lapop speakers but now its pissing me off...it sounds liek pure ass crack i hate it lol...time for new speakers lol...well im off to take a shower and then go riding latr bitchz

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